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For the best service you and your car will ever have!!


Modern cars are very complex. Or at least that is what most garages will say!

If a garage finds your car complex then maybe its time for a change!

The cars systems are only complex to those who don't know how they work! At serviceyourcar we have invested heavily in up to date diagnostics computers and test equipment as well as training so we can diagnose almost any fault in any of the electrical systems or mechanical systems on your car. We know how your car works so we know how to solve almost any fault!!

So whether its a light not working, your electric window packed in, a clunk or rattle, ABS fault, poor running or emissions MOT failure

and anything in between we can fix it!



Computer diagnostics fault code retrieval just 29.95!

If your car has a fault with the way it runs or has a light on the dash board this is the first thing it needs!

If you are ill the first place you go is to your gp from there they will carry out a few basic checks to see where your problem lies. This is exactly what we are doing for your car!

We plug your car into the tester which will then communicate with the cars on board diagnostics system. From here we can retrieve the manufacturers fault codes and see roughly where the problem lies. Usually this is a good indication and we can give you an estimate of the time it will take to repair the fault. If the car requires further investigation we can give you an idea of how much time it may require to find and repair the fault. Just like if your GP needs to do further blood tests etc, we may need to look further into the fault to find it!


Computer diagnostics and basic diagnostic just 55!

If your car has a fault that in our opinion is going to need more diagnosis than just plugging in our tester then this is the starting point! Ideal for faults that haven't put a light on the dash such as intermittent misfires or hesitation.

We will plug our tester into your car and gas analyser then first of all check all the parameters such as engine speed, injection duration, mixture readings, spark voltages etc using an oscilloscope if required. We can then drive the car, if required, with our test equipment connected to diagnose those difficult running faults!

Similarly to you going to the hospital and being monitored this is what we are doing for your car!

We will spend up to 1 hour on your car for this price and can usually find most faults within this time or at least be able to estimate any more time that may be required. Any extra time required once authorised will be charged at 45 plus vat per hour. We will call you with up dates before running up a big bill so you have the piece of mind that what you are paying for a proper diagnostic not just someone guessing at a fault!



So no matter what the problem is with your car we can solve it!

We are specialists in diagnostics and unlike other garages who think that plugging a computer in and swapping parts will fix a fault we will actually find the exact location of the fault before we change the part!


Call us today and speak to a technician regarding the fault your car has and what will be required to fix it!!

01244 552114






Under new MOT testing regulations almost any warning light being on on the dashboard is a failure.

This means that air bag lights, traction control lights, engine management lights and ABS lights are all now an MOT failure. So if you have any lights showing on your dash get us to check them out before they become an expensive repair or an MOT fail!