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Tyres and Exhausts..........

We often get asked do we fit tyres and exhausts......Of course we do we are a garage!!

Many fast fit centres only fit tyres and exhausts but that doesn't mean they are the cheapest or the best at doing so! Often they use poorly trained staff who are paid on a bonus system so often they will tell you your car requires a complete exhaust system instead of just a back box or four new tyres instead of one or two!

The way we see it is if you were going to have an operation who would you rather carry out the procedure? The porter or the surgeon? This is exactly the difference between a fast fit centre and a garage employing proper technicians.

We don't do fast fit, rapid fit, quick fit or any other sort of rushed poor fit. We prefer to have a quality fit. This doesn't mean the job will be slower, tyres and exhausts as well as many other jobs can often be done while you wait but it does mean a trained technician will be carrying out the work! We will also be cheaper as fast fit centres often charge extortionate prices for a poor job!

On average we are up to 50% cheaper than the leading and local fast fit centres and we will always beat any like for like quote on any tyre or exhaust when we can and if we cant? We will still do a better job!

Tyres from 25 fitted...........

We stock most popular sizes of tyre in a budget range, we can also supply any brand in any size you require at the very best prices. We always quote the fitted price including VAT so when getting a quote make sure there is no extra disposal charge, balancing charge, fitting charge, charge for a valve or any other hidden charge. Call us with your requirements for up to date prices, we often have special offers on certain brands so see what offers we have available! From a van tyre to a race tyre we can fit it!


Exhausts from 35 fitted.........

We can give you an option of a budget system or a premium system dependent on what you want to spend! We always fit new clamps and mounts where required and we always quote the fitted price including VAT and any extra gaskets, clamps or mounts you require. Because we are technicians we can sometimes repair or weld your exhaust and often separate seized parts so you only require a small section of exhaust instead of a whole system!

Call us for a quote next time you need an exhaust we often have special offers available on selected vehicles so call and see what is available for yours!


Catalytic convertors from 69 fitted.......

Catalytic convertors have been fitted to almost all vehicles since 1992, when replacing a catalytic convertor on a post 2000 model car a type approved cat must be fitted by law. We will always supply a type approved cat of OE quality. We will never change a catalyst without testing it first to check that the vehicle definitely requires one as many garages will just change if your car fails its emissions test! Call us for a price if you require a catalyst we will beat any local price on parts and fitting!


So next time you think you need to visit your local fast fit or tyre centre give them a call for a quote, then call us for a better price and a better fit!


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